Reader says…

I am a fairly new reader on your blog.

I am thankful that you are sharing your knowledge, and at the same time I have a few questions that I would like to seek your opinion on.

I am currently serving NS.

I have been working part time since 18 and have a saved up 30K which I am planning to use for my university fee (Private).

I am not sure whether I should invest with the amount of money that I currently have or just leave it untouched as it is money that I would require in the coming years (approx.1-2 years).

I am also currently spending $4000 a year on an insurance saving plan (25 year plan, 10 years of paying).

I will have to commit to it for another 8 years before I can stop paying, after reading up I have found out that it is not a wise decision to continue, however cancelling the plan now would only ensure me a value …