There were two very intriguing pieces written by local personal finance bloggers last week.

First and foremost, there was the article by Alvin Chow from Dr Wealth, questioning Are Financial Bloggers Suffering? (which I had also shared in last week’s Friday’s reads.) In that article, Alvin introduced two characters, namely the Warrior and the Monk. And there were some pretty awesome statements he used to describe them:

“Financial bloggers are like monks, who lead a rich life not because he has plenty, but because he needs little. Years of living in a monastery has taught him not to ask for more, but to crave for less. The monk’s prowess lies in being able to resist temptations. He does so in part by isolating himself against the outside world, by creating his own world inside the monastery, and in part by denouncing the secular comforts.

The Monk is strong in mind.