Frasers Property Limited (Frasers) and CapitaLand Limited (CapitaLand) are two of the major real estate players based in Singapore. Both have geographically diverse operations across the Asia Pacific, and are involved in different modes of real-estate related businesses.

It would be interesting to put both companies side by side for a comparison of key operational and financial aspects, to discern which property developer is a better investment.

Business Overview

CapitaLand assets include residential, offices, homes, shopping malls, serviced residence and integrated developments spread across 31 countries predominantly in Asia Pacific, Australia and Europe.

CapitaLand’s Business Overview. Source: Annual Report 2017

Frasers’ assets, while not as geographically diverse as CapitaLand, also cover a variety of property types, including residential, retail, commercial spaces, business parks, logistic and industrial, and hospitality. Its main markets include 11 countries grouped into Singapore, Australia, Europe and Rest of Asia.

Frasers’ Business Overview. Source: Company website

Both …