I’ve recently received a number of really great questions on how to build a stock portfolio. I decided to address them all at one go in this article, in the hopes that it would be helpful for other readers out there. As always, if you have any questions on investing at all, drop me an email at admin@financialhorse.com with the subject title [Ask FH], and I’ll respond to you personally via an article.

Note: I’ve tweaked/omitted some of the information below to protect the privacy of the readers. Accordingly, any resemblance with a person you know is purely coincidental. 🙂

Hi Financial Horse,
I like reading your articles. They are not too long and have the necessary depth for us to make a value judgement, based on our investment strategies.
Currently, I am a 22-yo student studying in university. Since I have secured a scholarship for my studies, my parents have converted