Education is a crucial factor in influencing a person’s resources and experiences. Here at ValueChampion, we are interested in sharing the stories of the future generation of Singapore’s professionals. To this end, we have been preparing a series of Q&A interviews featuring top students at different universities in Singapore.

Jacob Jarabejo, a sophomore at Yale-NUS, has a keen interest in finance. He is specifically interested in the asset and management and investment banking sectors. Outside of class, he has held important student positions in the Yale-NUS student investment group student organisation and the finance committee in the Yale-NUS student government. We interviewed Jacob to learn more about his experience at Yale-NUS, extracurricular interests and career aspirations.

How did you choose Yale-NUS and how has your experience been thus far?

My journey into Yale-NUS has been a series of coincidences — I certainly did not plan for it! My best …