In August 2018, I also received questions about APTT as its unit price plunged.

In one way or another, I was asked whether I was buying APTT again like I did when its unit price plunged in the past.

Regular readers might remember that I said APTT’s 6.5c DPU was unsustainable and a more realistic DPU was 4c.

When I bought more APTT in the past, it was based on what I thought a reasonable and sustainable DPU would look like.

The purchase was not premised on what APTT was distributing at that point in time.

Please keep this in mine as I continue talking to myself.

Although APTT’s very high debt level and the fact that they are running a deficit is worrisome, again, I remind myself that all investments are good at the right price.

The last time I bought into APTT, my premise was a realistic distribution yield of around 10.5% based on a sustainable DPU of 4c …