I’ve missed a couple of posts this week, I’ve been out of town again for 3 days to Jarkarta.

Expense update for last month was pretty much similar for basic expenses.
Food and transport didn’t change much.
Food was slightly higher than normal cos my wife went out to eat with her colleagues more last month.
Some light household expense, $24.90, I forgot what it was for.

As usual the main expense is the business trips which I follow my wife on.
We have another Paris trip coming up and we are extending the trip to go Amsterdam for a couple of days.
So the flight and insurance and transportation from Paris to Amsterdam is $1,678.
That’s excluding the hotel in Amsterdam and food. Which will show up in Oct expense¬† update.

A fairly cheap flight to Jarkarta, which I just came back from $82.
And some food in KL early last month, $91, a portion …