Cartridge Razors get to be very costly in the long run

The biggest factor in doing this is the costs 5. While the first purchase of a typical cartridge shaver costs below $20, it is the subsequent purchase of the refills that breaks the bank.

A 4 pack refill can run you up to $28 and it is recommended that you replace the refills every 1 to 2 weeks (depending on shaving frequency, some keep it for months, but the blades will soon dull or rust).

On the other hand, wet shavers tend to have a higher start-up cost if you get expensive razor handles (Pasar malams do sell $5 handles which is perfect for travel), however the refills cost a mere $1.20 for a 5 blades refill pack and if you get a years worth, it will cost much less. A good beginner razor handle should cost about $50