Wait! What Qs am I talking about here?

The Q that I am referring here is “Quotient”, so you have the common ones like IQ (Intelligence Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient) and FQ (Financial Quotient), what about the last one, CQ? Anyone want to make a guess?

No, I am not talking about cultural quotient, what I am talking about is “Charity Quotient” i.e. how charitable are you (voluntarily i.e. not due to peer pressure or assignment by your company but do it from the bottom of your heart)?

Also, “charity” here need not be something big like involving in mega charitable event or donating big sum of money, it can be as small as just spending a couple of hours with seniors from the charity home, as long as it does make a difference in some body’s lives (regardless of how impactful the difference is)….