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Singapore’s regulations and laws are notorious for being one of the harshest in the world.

Foreigners’ first words when asked what they know of Singapore is usually either that we “can’t even chew gum” or have laws that “execute people”.

Our traffic laws are no exception.

Traffic Violation Fine Amount (SGD) Jail Term Use of mobile communication device while driving 1,000 ≤6 months Tampering with off-peak-car coupons or not displaying a valid license Up to 20,000 ≤12 months Reckless driving Up to 5,000 ≤12 months Parallel parking in opposite / wrong direction of traffic 1,000 3 months Ignoring bus lane timings 1,000 3 months Irresponsible use of fog lights 1,000 3 months Slowing down on the right(fast) lane 1,000 …