Hello everyone! It has been a while and our wedding is finally over! Both of us have been upgraded from S to M (not Small to Medium but Single to Married) <– that’s what our JP (Justice of the Peace/solemnizer), Mr. Mike Tam Chee Wah said. The ceremony was entertaining and he was able to alternate between both languages (English and Mandarin) comfortably. We certainly made the right decision to engage him as our JP. One of my brothers was so impressed with him and tried to book him for next year but he was already booked. Do try to book/reserve him in advance!

Our wedding was exceptionally smooth thanks to all our brothers and sisters! CZM was also kind enough to spare me from those torturing gatecrash games and I only had to give a red packet + signed my life/money away to CZM (those contract where my money is hers