Yeah, I know, the title’s a bit click-baitish.

But nope, sorry to disappoint, but there’s nothing to announce with regards to a potential new member to the 15HWW household (at least not yet).

What’s happening though is that both the Mrs and I will be attending this event: Financial Decisions For First-Time Parents on 25 Oct (Thu) at 7:30pm at NAV Hub (45 Tras Street Singapore 078984, a 5-minute walk away from Tanjong Pagar MRT)

We will be there to learn from financial bloggers, good friends and of course, parents like Jes (SimplyJesMe) and Thomas (BullyTheBear).

It’s no surprise that most first-time parents get caught up in the excitement of welcoming their child and may sometimes overlook certain financial aspects of raising one.

As someone who is planning to start a family soon, I am looking forward to hearing how young parents like Jes and Thomas successfully navigate …