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Heading to a nearby 7-11 store in search for bottled water to quench your thirst can be really taxing on your pocket. Many times we end up going for the unhealthy option of soft drinks simply because they are more affordable.

Price comparison of bottled water: Evian vs Volvic vs Badoit vs Fiji vs Dasani etc.

We did a quick search online for the price of some of the more popular bottled water in Singapore.

Here’s how much it costs to buy 1 Litre of water under each brand Brand of Bottled Water Price
(1 Litre) Life $0.33 FairPrice $0.33 Ice Mountain $0.40 Dasani $0.40 Polar $0.50 Volvic $1.32 San Benedetto $1.34 Aqua Mountain $1.44 Maikom pH Balancer $1.59 Evian $1.73 Fiji $2.12 OnePure $2.14 Gleaceau