I really wonder…
Do rich people think of stopping?
Like people who make $250,000 a year?
It’s a high opportunity cost, and yet, probably at 45 years old, I’m sure they would have plenty of assets already to sustain a good lifestyle after they leave their jobs.
How about millionaires? Billionaires? Do they think of stopping?

I look at my wife for this. She doesn’t make anywhere close to $250,000 per annum.
But I can see that she enjoys her work. And it’s when I see this that I understand that sometimes, there really isn’t any need to stop. 40? 45? 50? She’s happy doing what she’s doing so it makes sense for her to continue.
We have discussed this. Even though she is happy with her job, she talks about the day when she wants to let it go as well. Maybe 50+ she says. She thinks that’s a good age, she still has the health …