One of the most talk about and highly debatable topics over the week is definitely Suze Orman’s interview with Paula Pant. In case you are wondering what the whole saga is about, basically, Suze has become the common enemy for many FIRE believers by saying that she hates the movement and that people in this movement have no idea what they are what to.

Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

However, I thought that for this week’s Friday reads, I will provide a curated list of some of my personal favourite responses to the interview.

Go get burnt!

Why Suze Orman is Clueless about the FIRE Movement (Millennial Revolution) 

“Throughout all of human history, any idea or invention of any significance, whether it’s airplanes, the Internet, or, as her rather brilliant smack-down suggests, fire (actual fire, not the acronym), can have some serious downsides if used improperly. If