1. Guide to the Markets (JP Morgan Asset Management)

There’s a ton of really great charts in this latest report by JP Morgan. Presented without commentary, it really shows how you can spin the data to fit any narrative you want.

2. Why the Best Predictor of Future Stock Market Returns is Useless (Of Dollars and Data)

I think the author got it spot on with this one. The best trading models in the world fail because of the human element. It’s incredibly hard to trust that your model works when it results in you underperforming for more than 5 years at a time, when you have to sit idly and watch your friends who bought stocks make crazy returns.

3. Wednesday’s Early Stock Rout: The Correlation Flip Cometh (The Heisenberg)

Probably the most accurate (to me at least) take on the global stock market rout that I’ve read