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A while back, we listed things that people were consciously spending on that could have been added to their savings instead.

Yet, we’re all also guilty of paying for hidden charges just because we don’t analyse our receipts enough.

Instead of getting a rude shock the next time you scrutinize your bank statements, this compilation should better inform you of platforms that are sneakily charging you extra for transactions.

Type Specifics Percentage Average cost (SGD) Airbnb conversion fee 1 night in Johor Bahru 2.8% $1.63 Credit Card foreign currency charges Shopping off Taobao, shipping to SG (¥120) 3%+2% $1.64 Credit card annual fees OCBC 365 Card Fixed $192.60 PayPal hidden charges ASOS purchase using PayPal ($236.39 in value) 2.8% …