And here are the goodies for this week…

The Curse of Lifestyle Inflation (Kong Template) 

Lifestyle inflation basically boils down to this. Your spending increases with your income. It’s quite interesting understanding why we always want more stuff. I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t that normal? Isn’t that the whole point of making more money? So that you can buy nicer things?

Real Cost To Own The World’s Most Expensive Toyota Prius (Investment Cache)

The example here in this post is a car, but it could have been any other “non-essential” item that is simply expense off or depreciates over time. A dollar spent is always worth more than a dollar if you take into account opportunity cost. In the long term, such cumulative expenditures can seriously derail you from your financial target.

Principles (The Simple Dollar)

You are better off handling challenges now and saving resources for the future,