I’d just let the figures do the talking.

There’s too much stuff to track now, and it’s getting messy and arduous. In the longer term though, as I shift my personal funds into the holdings’ fund, it’d simplify things a bit more. Gotta eat my own cooking.

In the meantime, here goes:

(I’m excluding my SG portfolio in this post, nothing much has changed since the last update, except for the paring down of some stakes and some cosmetic additions and divestments, all in the same usual names.)

My personal US fund did pretty well in recent times, as I was positioned to profit from the volatility with some volatility derivatives. Also, I set up some short positions just before the recent bout of redness.

I’ve previously gripped about how an otherwise excellent performance…. is really mediocre cos I’ve failed to beat a passive S&P index ETF: