Getting pregnant, delivering a child and raising them sure isn’t cheap in Singapore. To help encourage more couples to have babies, our government has given various incentives including a Baby Bonus cash gift ($8k each for your first two kids, and $10k for the third onwards), a $3000 Child Development Account (CDA) First Step Grant, and dollar-to-dollar matching if you contribute and save up in your child’s CDA. 

Please pay attention to the last column of “Total Baby Bonus Benefits”, which tells you the maximum amount you’ll be able to get from the government. But beyond that, I’m also here to share with you how I intend to boost this even further than what’s stated on the MSF Baby Bonus Booklet Brochure here!

What do I need to do to get my money?

1. Register at MSF’s website here with your SingPass. You can do this either up to …