By most people’s standard, my watch is pretty old. At least a decade, by my own estimation.

It is a Fossil (it’s the brand, I don’t mean it literally :p) given to me by my then-girlfriend, and my now-wife. We had just started work after graduation. The piece of metal has one hour-hand, one minute-hand and one second-hand. It tells the time, nothing more, nothing less. There isn’t a function to tell the day of the week or the date, either. No light. No nothing – you get the idea.

It used to look pristine but has added quite a few scratches since then. The bronze-colored coating on the sides of the metallic band has long faded away to reveal plain metal underneath, from the constant contact with my skin and sweat.

A simple mechanical product that has had its battery replaced countless times. The water-resistant rubber seal has been changed …