Meals are somehow more expensive in Amsterdam I feel.
A typical meal costs around €10-€15 at a cheapo restaurant.
And I wandered around for awhile looking for cheap eats. Even some supermarkets are pretty expensive and I couldn’t find some of those pre-cooked meals and such…

Until yesterday. I just didn’t know what to look out for…

Yesterday we found the right supermarket…
A loaf of bread,
A big slice of French brie cheese,
A box of instant soup,
2 tins of mackerel,
1 tin of sardines,
1 pre-packed salad with pasta with half an egg and some fried chicken bits.

Total cost €10.45
Or around S$16

We ate 2 cans of fish, some bread, 1/3 of the brie, 2/3 of the instant soup, and the pre-packed salad for dinner last night.

For breakfast, we ate some of the bread, 1/3 of the brie… And drank some free coffee from the hotel. We both don’t eat much breakfast.

Means there’s …