After my recent post for Silverlake Axis AGM, I managed to go for Starhill Global REIT AGM too! :)

Man, the turnout was crazy, they ran out of handsets and bags, and had to add chairs to the venue. Thankfully, there’s a $20 Wisma Atra voucher.

Let’s get on to it:

  • Retail Market remains challenging due to a change in Gen Y/Millennials spending habits
  • Digitalising has moved faster than regulations and infrastructure
  • Mitigation strategies:
  • Create thematic malls by picking brands to work with
  • Most brands except luxury brands such as LVMH are too poor or in financial difficulty to create curated malls
  • Starhill aims to work with brands while helping them grow
  • Charles and Keith was an example of them buying a stake and helping them grow to where they are now.
  • Create a pipeline of brand partnerships to fill up the malls/offices
  • Create global reward points that …