We just came back from Amsterdam, and we are really glad to be back. It was really cold and miserable and expensive, and the food wasn’t really to our liking… Pretty much everything we didn’t really appreciate. It was a learning experience though, cos we tend to want to get a sense of the various European countries and get a feel of what the life is over there.

So we’re really glad to be back to Singapore where I can eat cheap food which I can cook for myself, the weather is somewhat manageable, and most of my operations has been set up for us to live a luxurious frugal lifestyle.

Anyway… I just received these 2 SMS from CIMB when I was in Amsterdam.

For CIMB Visa Signature and CIMB Platinum Mastercard, previously customers would need to spend $600 minimum spend on the credit card AND 8 transactions of $30 per month …