When you encounter a “Terms and Conditions” page, do you scroll straight to the bottom and click on the “I Agree” button? Yep, me too. (And that’s how I lost my $50 Obike deposit *#^@&#**!@%^!)

Perhaps you’ve also done that while signing a contract for a job offer, and have never really taken a good, detailed look at what’s in it for you, what are the employee benefits and what are your entitlements.

TL;DR: What are your off-day benefits as an employee?

No of Days
(M.O.M guidelines)
No. of Days
(Set by some companies)
Carried forward
to next year?
Public Holidays 11 11 No
Annual Leave 7 (min.) 14 – 21 Yes
Sick Leave 14 14 No
Hospitalisation Leave 60 60 No
Off-in-lieu 1-to-1 2 days off for working on Pub. Hol. No
Compassionate Leave nil ≤5 No
Birthday Leave nil 1 No
Marriage Leave nil ≤5 No
Child Care Leave nil ≤6 No
Elder Care Leave nil ≤6 No
Sabbaticals nil Half/one year No

This article seeks to educate you on just that…