58 more days and we will reach the end of 2018.

My Planned target dividend amount for 2018 is $4,985 (click here).

As all my stocks had declared their 2018 dividends, thus, i have the actual dividend amount instead of projected amount by now. It’s time to check my 2018 dividend KPI since the last round I did in Aug 2018 (click here) and May 2018 (click here).


Let check my current portfolio as of 3rd Nov 2018:
No.CountersNo. of Shares1CapitaMall Trust16,5002CapitaRetail China Trust8,0003First REIT11,0004Parkway Life REIT7,0005Perennial45,0006Singtel9,000

CapitaMall Trust
28th Feb: $478.50
30th May: $458.70
29th Aug: $463.65
30th Nov: $481.80
Dividend received in 2018: $1,882.65

Parkway Life REIT
27th Feb: $236.60
1st Jun: $221.90
28th Aug: $223.30
26th Nov: $226.10
Dividend received in 2018: $907.90

18th May: $148
(30,200 of Perennial shares was bought using CPFIS, therefore, not counted toward my dividend target)
Dividend received in 2018: $148

10th Jan: $392
13th Aug: $963
Dividend received in 2018: $1,355

Vicom (Sold off on 14th Aug – Click here)
10th May: $457.60
24th Aug: $269.20
Dividend received in 2018: $726.80
First REIT
29th …