I have always been rather impressed with Vina Ip and always wanted to attend one of her courses, so I managed to find a slot that matched my schedule and went along.

In addition, I am rather curious, in this current property environment, why would rental residential properties be better than REITs?

The location was a simple room in NLB@Bugis.

It started with a ice breaker about what we do for a living, what properties we have bought/planning to buy, then followed by a question about what investor animal we are (she recently made a post about that here).

The topics to be covered was:

  1. Knowing the Facts
  2. Conducting Research
  3. Winning Strategies
  4. All About Leasing
  5. Managing Tenants

There was some Q&A which showed us that conventional wisdom and what the data actually shows are rather different, rather surprised that 2 and 3 BedRoom condos are more resilient and more …