Today, I will cover two topics of interest – Retail Electric Marketplace

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Independent comparison:

Now down to the numbers and how I derived my findings through a basic data comparison.
The premise is that electricity tariffs are heavily dependent on crude oil prices, the former is charged by SP Group (Government) and the latter is market driven and denominated in USD

1. Downloaded data from the EMA (Energy Market Authority) that dates back till 2014
2. Obtained the prices of crude oil prices (USD) from
3. Obtained the FX rates from (USD/SGD)

Doing some derivation, I converted the prices of crude oil prices to SGD and charted the market rates.

From the details, I discovered 3 key findings. Keeping in mind Warren Buffett’s saying “Praise by name and criticize by category”

1. Since Jan 2014, the prices of electricity …