For young Singaporeans graduating from universities, the realities of the job market can be quite sobering. For example, the annual surveys of recent graduates from leading universities in Singapore found that only 78.4% of last year’s graduates were able to find full-time jobs 6 months after their final examinations, down more than 10% from 89.8% in 2007. In this regard, it’s becoming ever more important for young adults in Singapore to take both conscientious decisions and creative paths to craft a career that work for them. Jeraldine Phneah, a former beauty pageant in Singapore, has an interesting perspective to share. After graduating from NTU, she has been able to break into the tech industry while also having built a popular blog.

In particular, we were impressed by how she made very conscientious and strategic decisions to craft a career she wanted. She applies this same mindset to her own