My portfolio turned negative for the first time this year, even after $9,000 fresh fund injection. US market, which was standing strong, finally started to break down. STI dipped below 3000 briefly before recovering and settled above 3000. I have a long shopping list if markets correct further, otherwise I will wait patiently until the time comes. For those who followed my blog, I had been reducing my equity holding and switching into more defensive counters.

Total portfolio value as of end Oct was $684,164.32. Equity allocation was at 31.58%, while bond/cash allocation was at 68.42%. Return YTD was -0.56%, XIRR YTD was -0.69%, and XIRR since inception was 4.45%. I received dividends of $777.59 in October.

Date Securities Name FCY SGD
8-Oct-2018 Greggs PLC (GBP) 22.95 41.44
11-Oct-2018 PCCW (HKD) 433.84 76.10
12-Oct-2018 Vanguard FTSE AS …