1st up, note that TT Fund is not = my personal fund. But I retain all rights to invest it as I deem fit.

In my last post, which was barely what, 2 weeks ago?, TT Fund’s ROI has changed dramatically. And I mean dramatically.

From -146.63% To +14.11% in 2.5 weeks!

In my last post (TTI’s Personal US Fund + TT Holdings Fund Results YTD), TT Fund’s ROI was an absolutely horrifying…….

LOL. -146.63% MWR.

I got a little kick out of writing about it actually. It’s kinda funny.

That’s what a short term MWR can do to you. How is it possible to lose more than a 100%, but it is what it is. Hey man, I don’t do the calculations.

Even the TWR as shown in the previous post, was terrible:

-11.06% looks bad, but it’s certainly better than …