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The Secret to Raising a Child Who Isn’t Materialistic (Goalcast)

“Gratitude is the act of appreciating what you have. It’s quite literally the opposite of what goes in our brain when we’re “on” materialism: we’re happy with what we have as opposed to being dissatisfied and uncomfortable and always feeling like we need more.”

Life Advice: Don’t Find Your Passion (Scientific America) 

“Some people adopt a “fixed mindset” approach and search for the one, predestined match in their lives. They expect this match to be enduring, full of excitement, and endlessly fulfilling. Fixed mindsets have been observed with romantic relationships and intelligence.”

How Losing Everything I Had Became A Blessing In My Life (Keep Thrifty)

“What if you were granted every conceivable luxury of life, financial freedom and even more, but it came with expectations that made your soul miserable? Would you let the money …