I always had one eye on Asian Pay Television Trust (APTT).

So did some of my friends. It is the ultimate Financial Independence Porn Stock.

Why is this so?

To find out how much you need for financial security, or financial independence or retirement, you can read my article here to determine your number.

From the article we get the following formula:

Wealth Required for FS/FI/RET =  Annual Expense / Rate of Return of Your Wealth Machine(s) to Generate Cash Flows for FS/FI/RET

APTT pays a quarterly dividend and the last guided dividend was $0.01625. Annualized the dividend is $0.065.

The price chart above shows the current share price to be at $0.315.

Dividing the dividend per share by the share price we arrived at a dividend yield of 20.6%. That is a whopping dividend yield!

Now according to the formula, and my annual …