Seedly is in no way sponsored to compile this list of holiday activities.

In a blink of an eye, 2018 is almost coming to a close. It’s scary how fast time flies, but no one’s complaining because this is also the merriest season of the year.

People are relaxing a bit more and taking more time off school and work to recuperate. Parents, here’s your chance to make it up to your children this school holidays for working so hard the whole year and acing their exams. No kids yet? (Baby bonus is looking pretty attractive these days…) These activities make great dating ideas as well – really!

Besides feasting on all these 1-for-1 buffets, or taking a holiday trip out of Singapore, read more to find out how to have a fun day out with activities ranging from fee to $400.

ActivityPrice ActiveSG sports$2 – $5 The Artground/Hullabaloo at