Saturday, 7 July 2012

Read? Where does the money come from???

Most investors will love yield!

Most investors will want passive income stream!

Monthly passive income is the BEST!!!!

So what happen?

In some overseas property investment, investors are guaranteed rental income for three years.

Guaranteed for three years!!!!

But, where does the money come from???

Remember this Chinese’s proverb

Yang mao chu zai yang sheng shang : Sheep’s wool comes off the sheep’s back.

Hmm .. now really happened in JB

A group of 116 people – mostly Singaporeans – who bought serviced apartments in a waterfront development at Johor’s Puteri Harbour are claiming that they have had their fingers burnt in a buy-and-leaseback scheme.

They are accusing a company linked to the developer of giving “unreasonably and inconceivably negligible” rental returns after the first two years of guaranteed returns in a 10-year contract.

This began in March 2015 and they got at least five per cent a year. But when the guarantee period expired in February 2017, the returns plunged …