Co-working is not just a new, niche sub-sector. Its rise is a reflection of a changing world of employment, writes Christopher O’Dea

“The nature of work is changing. Recruitment, retention, innovation, and productivity now require not just coffee, but also yoga, not just printers, but also art installations.”

The above is taken from the homepage of WeWork’s website.

The core appeal of co-working is simple: let us handle that for you – front-office reception, utilities, and all the chores related to maintaining office space – so you can focus on your business. The popularity of flexible office concepts in the past few years has made co-working companies a small, but rapidly growing, force in the office leasing markets.

Since its launch in 2010, WeWork has fuelled the acceleration of the co-working model in large part by redefining the environment in which we work. WeWork …