Amidst all the doom and gloom around financial markets recently, I thought it was good to take a step back from all the G20, trade war and fed hike talk this week. After all, it’s December 1st guys! On that note, I decided to do something a bit more light hearted today: The Top 10 Investment and Personal Finance Blogs & Websites in Singapore for 2018/2019!

10. A Singapore Stock Investor 

Number 10 on this list is ASSI (or AK), one of the older names in the Singapore blog community. He writes in a very Singaporean style, which makes for very easy reading, and he shares a lot of detail about how he achieved financial independence. How he managed to do so is quite unique, so it may not work for everyone out there, but it’s still useful to take a look at his thought process and decide if it works for you. He’s in 10th place because it seems that he wants to take a step back from the blogging world to …