The whole of last week I have been back-testing my fundamental scorecard theories.
This exercise allows me to review my scorecard and give me more confidence in my scorecard theories. This also give me additional confidence to address my subscribers and readers about the fundamental scorecard theories.
I have broken down the scorecard theories into the following:
  • Easiest to Pass Ultimate Scorecard Criteria Strategy
  • Cash Strategy
  • Value Investing Strategy
  • Moat Strategy
  • Growth Strategy

Do note that this back-testing is based on at least 1 year of holding period.

These are the findings of the back-testing exercise:
1. Regardless of which strategy you choose, your portfolio will reflect a loss in 2008, and a huge gain 2009 and then a slight gain in 2010. Furthermore, this will be the same regardless of where you invest (Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan or USA). The interesting perspective is that the strategy with the smallest …