7 Last-Minute Luxury New Year

New Years is a time for celebration, whether you are enjoying a quiet evening in with your family or spending a wild night out with friends. With glamorous New Years Eve experiences happening all over the world, it may be tempting to celebrate all your hard work in 2018 by treating yourself to a luxury getaway with your significant other. But how much would it really cost for Singaporeans to enjoy the most top-notch NYE experiences around the world? Below, you’ll some of the top NYE experiences around the world and their costs.

Luxury NYE Experiences in Asia & the Middle East

Those who don’t want to travel to the United States or Europe can find extravagant celebrations in a myriad of cities throughout Asia and the Middle East. You can travel to somewhere as close as Thailand if you only have a few days to spare or fly out to Dubai if money is no issue. Furthermore, Hong Kong …