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This Is Why Talking About How “Hard” You Work Makes You Look Incompetent (Forbes) 

When you express to your social networks how “hard” you are working, what you are doing is creating a cue for response. That message generates pity, or awe, or offers for assistance or support. What you do not realize it is doing is actually programming your brain to receive reinforcement from being stressed and overworked.

How We Used Geographic Arbitrage to Retire 9 Years Ahead of Schedule (Retire by 45) 

Geographic arbitrage can be such an impactful strategy, because housing is usually your largest expense. If you can find a way to dramatically reduce your housing costs, it can significantly accelerate your path to FIRE.

Are You Ready For FIRE or Just Kidding Yourself? (Your Money Geek) 

You may not realize your plan is not working until it is too late.