Dividend Collected for 2018
Dividend payout for the month of November 2018
MAPLETREE LOG TR  800 SUPER OXLEYMTNB200518 MAPLETREE NAC TR NETLINK NBN TR FRASERS CPT TR MAPLETREE COM TR FRASERS CPT TR STARHUB Dividend collected for the month is lower than what I had expected. The main reason is due to 800 Super cutting their dividend this year. Dividend Collected to Date Average Monthly Dividend (YTD): $1,424.59
Target Total Dividend for 2018: $16,000The dividend collected for this year has finally exceeded previous year’s collection. Although dividend has increased Y-o-Y, I might not be able to meet the target of $16,000 this year with only 1 month left to go, but it should be close.

The temporary ceasefire between US and China over trade tariffs has temporary lifted the markets as concern over trade wars subsided. The rally was short, lasting only a day before profit taking took over