For more information on the various term, please refer to this link
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16)Change the account the cash upfront
17)Change the buy action to buy or sell

Some key term to note…
Settlement modeCash or Cash upfrontChoose cash upfront if you are using cash upfront accountSettlement currency
The money that you would like to purchase the stock with, for purchasing of US stock(USD) and for purchasing of Singapore stock(SGD)Stock name
Name of the stock itself,in my case it is the STI ETFStock Code
Stock code as the name implies, SPDR STI ETF(ES3)Order typeThe below chart does a good job of explaining the various order typeMarket order-Buy or sell at the current Ask price(Order get filled immediately)Limit order-Buy or sell at a specific price(Order filled depend on the price you key in, will explain later in the post)There is no stop order for DBS Vickers(correct me if