A lot of you might not realise this, but Samsung Singapore has been in the smartphone market much before Apple ever was. They made feature phones that competed with Nokia and at that point in time, they weren’t all that great.

They did make a lot of phones, but none of them stood out. Post the Apple revolution in 2007, things turned around for Samsung. They were one of the first few companies to jump on to the smartphone bandwagon and they haven’t looked back since.

Samsung Phone Singapore Price List

Samsung Phones of 2018

Phone Series Phone Model Price
Samsung Galaxy S series Samsung Galaxy S9+ (128GB) $880
Samsung S9 $740
Samsung A Series Samsung A9(128GB) $622
Samsung A7 $380
Samsung Galaxy J Series Samsung J4 Plus $230
Samsung J6 Plus $270
Samsung J2 Pro $145
Samsung Note Series Samsung Note 8
Samsung Note 9(512GB) $1200
Samsung Note 9(128GB)