Ever had a job where you had absolutely no experience, no training, other people’s lives were at stake, and you weren’t allowed to quit?

That’s parenting, when you have your firstborn.

Naturally, as first-time parents, we were generally anxious and pretty much clueless on what we should do. Throughout my entire pregnancy, I read up a lot, went for multiple pregnancy conferences (those were super useful, I highly recommend all expecting parents to go for them) and even attended a hands-on class with Thomson Parentcraft, but yet felt ill-prepared when our baby was born.

The first few weeks are always the hardest. For a first-time mother, it is also common to suffer from post-natal depression – I was mostly optimistic throughout my pregnancy, but my sunny disposition completely took a 360 turn when I was discharged from the hospital after birth. Suddenly, I was hit with an unexplainable urge …