The government have found a way to borrow money from the citizens and not be criticized about it.

This year have been special for the Singapore Savings Bonds in that if you held on to the SSB for 1 year, your yields would be near 1.6% to 2.0%.

Subscription and demand for the Singapore Savings bonds have been overwhelming.

This is why MAS have announced to:

  1. Let SRS account holders purchase Singapore Savings Bonds
  2. Double the individual limit that an individual can purchase the Singapore Savings Bonds. This means that, from 1 February 2019, each investor will be able to apply for up to S$200,000 of SSB, taking into account both SSB purchased using cash and SRS funds.
  3. MAS will launch a My Savings Bonds portal in March 2019. The portal will allow investors to view their total SSB holdings, purchased using both cash and SRS funds.

Demand …