In our little red dot, resides 5.612 million humans as at 2017, of that resides 183,737 millionaires according to Credit Suisse Research Institute’s 2018 Global Wealth Report released on October 2018 and according to Forbes, 32 billionaires.

For a tiny sunny island, this is what we have in Singapore:

Singapore’s Population: 5.6 million No. of millionaires: 183,737 No. of billionaires: 32

*Millionaires = Net worth of at least USD 1 Million
**Billionaires = Net worth of at least USD 1 Billion

List of Singapore’s Richest and their Net Worth Rank Name Net Worth Source of Wealth 1 Robert & Phillip Ng S$16.36 Billion Real Estate.
Their dad, Ng Teng Fong, founded Far East Organisation. 2 Eduardo Saverin S$16.22 Billion Cofounded Facebook.
Still holding 2% of Facebook’s stake. 3 Goh Cheng Liang S$11.69 Billion