Halp! I have stopped blogging altogether but recently there’s this tiny-weeny issue bugging me so I’ve decided to pen my thoughts down to have some clarity.

Soooooo my phone (iPhone 7) is dying and being the hippie that I am, I have decided to contribute to Apple revenue this year with the purchase of an iPhone XR.

So there I was in a dilemma; as I wasn’t really sure if I should continue with a plan bundled with the iPhone XR, or move on with the current trend of getting a SIM-only plan and get the iPhone XR off the shelf.

So basically, I have only 2nos. of pre-requisite:
1. Minimum of 300mins talk-time
2. Minimum of 4GB Data

And with that, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty comparison:

Contract Plan Bundled with iPhone XR

Cost of 2-Year Mobile Plan
Cost of iPhone XR 128GB
Total Cost over 2 Years