Since I will be celebrating my 44th birthday tomorrow, it is about the time to check-out what I have set out to do in 2018 and see whether I succeeded in 2018.

a) It turns out that predicting the market is a Fool’s Game.

Although 2018 has been quite a good year for me, it was quite humbling to see how badly my predictions went. I thought the markets would go up by around 0-5% in 2018 but it dropped by over 10% much to the consternation of everyone in the blogosphere. Even worse, my prediction for crypto-currencies to go up after a massive downward movement turned out to be totally false. My only saving grace was reading Barclays bank’s bearish prediction for crypto-currency markets and then sticking to the idea that Cryptocurrency markets will never have another spike in the foreseeable future. At least that has held true right …