Moolahsense(My tenth campaign with Moolahsense)

Note*the company name will not be revealed just like the previous post as my money are still inside moolahsense, haha(this is not a sponsored post by the way)

Issuer summary
Date of listing:Mar 2018
Tenor: 12 months
Note type: Callable

Quoting from the SGYoungInvestment

Callable: In a Callable note, an issuer has an option to early redeem the note on a quarterly basis. If the note is not early redeemed, the issuer pays a quarterly interest. The principal will be fully repaid on the quarter that the redemption is early called or at the maturity date. Assume that you invested $10k in a campaign at a final note rate of 13.5% p.a. in a Callable note.(Below is a very useful illustration)                                 Repayment frequency: Quarterly
Repayment frequency: Every 3 months Target interest rate:16%P.A

Quoting from Moolahsense website

Target interest rate: The …