What is ShopBack GO?

Christmas definitely came early in 2018 because ShopBack has added the awesome ShopBack GO to its suite of products not too long ago. ShopBack GO is a brick-and-mortar (offline) cashback feature which makes it fundamentally different from ShopBack’s usual mode of allowing users to earn Cashback online. Specifically, it gives users in-store Cashback for dining in at restaurants that are participating merchants. In this review of ShopBack GO, Heartland Boy shall blog about how to enjoy and optimise the in-store Cashback on offer and how your dining experience is never going to be the same after this!

How To Earn Cashback On ShopBack GO?

To earn offline Cashback on ShopBack GO, follow these simple steps and you are all set!

1. Download the ShopBack App

Although ShopBack GO is a brand-new product from ShopBack, there is no need to download a separate mobile app. ShopBack GO …